Thursday, May 12, 2011

“You can complains why the rose has thorns or you can appreciate why thorns has rose”

10/12/2009 archives from my friendster blogs..hehe

“There are certain points in our life in which we don’t know who we are, and we don’t know were to go and so many questions left unanswered. Guys, if you are in this lieu of your life don’t be afraid, just look up above and I’m sure you gonna find the answers”.
–These words of encouragement are what I have heard today from my favorite DJ while I was listening in their station. The reasons behind why I always listened into her program not because she have a good choice of music but also this woman will always gave words of enlightenment everyday to her listeners. Maybe this woman think that thru her program she can help to those people whose morale are down and really needed to someone to help them to clear up their minds from confusion. Well for me, she really do because they were times that I felt so down and very confused on things going on. In her own little way, she really helps me to clear up my mind and understand why those things really happen in life. Coz as we go along in this journey called life each of us has our own battle that we need to fight. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lost. And every time we fall we always believed that we can’t stand anymore after those pains. I had my share of pains and triumphs in life. In my own battle I also lost neither once nor twice but many times, and every time I lost in my own game. To elude in my own world is all in my mind because I will admit I am a coward I don’t want to face those pains but time comes that I became tired of running out from those pains all I want to do is to fell and endure the pains. Most of the times I cried and asked God why all those things happened, what I have I done to deserve these pains but GOD loves never surrendered me. He just let me cry and hold me to stand up again. And that’s makes me stronger and valiant to face those dilemma ahead of me. And I know that he is with me always, wherever life takes me.
And besides, GOD give us friends, whom we can turn to if we fell that we can’t take it anymore. But GOD itself is there ready to listen all your hangs up in life, his hands are ready to hold you every time you fall and helps you to stand up again. Hehehe (drama galore).. Trust in HIM guys don’t be AFRAID.. okies…
By the way, the woman that I’ve talking with you guys is DJ Pamela in ABS-CBN fm station. I really don’t know this woman personally but for me she is one of kind .

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