Thursday, May 5, 2011

From a Afar

Staring at you from a afar
A smile sheer in my lips
Then you smile at me
Right there and then, I was stunned
But in a moment tears fall
Cos certainty strikes me in then

I hate way you speak my name
Cos it sound a sweet music to my ear
I hate the way you ask me if I’m ok
The way you caress my back
Everytime tears shed in my eyes
I hate the way you look at me
Cos I saw something with them
Or I just fooling myself
And everyday I hate myself
Cos I cant stop myself falling with you

I closed my eyes tightly
Hoping that it was just a dream
And pain is just an illusion
Slowly I opened my eyes
Hoping that everything will be fine
Tears fall co’s from afar
You’re holding the hand of someone you loved

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