Saturday, September 20, 2014

A glimpse of yesterday...

For the past months, I've been trying to write again. I've been finding ways in how to go back to my nature but somehow time won’t give me in. Everytime I tried to catch some words to write, suddenly I will become empty…hahaha…just like now... :D

Instead of pushing myself to write something which I can’t. I just read some of my works before. This one really catches my attention, as I remember I wrote this poem when I thought, I was really falling inlove with that friend of mine…hahaha

Just a glance with those times. I fall with the thoughts, do I really fall inlove with that person…hmmm…maybe?…hahaha.

Btw, here’s the poem…

Silent Cry of the Heart

You sit next to me
With the eyes thats so lonely
Then I ask you Why?
Without any word you just embraced me
And you said SHE LEFT ME
I’m speechless
I can’t think of any soothing words
To allay the burden
I embraced you so tight
I ask myself why did she left him so easy

As I look into your weary eyes
Shadows of pain mulled
Half smiling you said maybe Im not good to her
I just hold your hand and smiled at you
And said Maybe you are too good for her
You just sigh
Pain is all over in your eyes

As I stared with your nostalgic face
I wanted to tell you
How much I love you
And how painful is
Everytime you were with me
But you were talking about her
How much you love and treasured her

And why you can’t see all those pains
Maybe Im just a mirror of a friend for you
Someone you can lean on to
Someone who can make you smile
Someone who will always be there when you cry

But, it will always be like this?
Loving and hoping that someday
You’re gonna be mine…

♥♥♥ I've been thinking the person who brought my first heartache...hahaha. But I'm really glad he's really happy with his daughter and wife.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


It’s been raining outside, the sound of the water falls at the attic is like a sweet music in my ear. So many untold stories, I want to utter. It’s been a while since I want to write something, so many things happened with my life: in work, love and family. I don’t want to elaborate each one of them but it teaches so many lessons, it makes stronger, better and teaches me to value more every people I may with.

Like to what happened to my mom and sister, it taught me to appreciate them more than anyone else. Indeed, realization flumped me they are my greatest treasure that I should be kept in my journey.

At first my work became a burden to me maybe because I don’t want to embrace the new challenge given to me. Well, no one can blamed me dealing with different people is not easy as one, two, three. Everyday becomes a struggle to me not only in dealing with unlike attitudes but also the pressure given by your superiors. But as time goes by I learned to bargain each one of them. Prayer helps me understand, and it guides me the right thing to do. 

*** Accept every changes that comes, cos it can bring you somewhere which can help to be more better.