Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GOD LOVED US more than our FAITH can imagine

                              GOD LOVED US more than our FAITH can imagine...

On this day of your life, Flor, we believe God wants you to know ... that truth has a life of its own. There will come a time when your yearnings become so strong and powerful that you will have no choice but to let them become reality.

 Sometimes when we become so confused on things why they need to happen in our life, just BELIEVE in HIM, God has a reason why it needs to happen sometimes to teach us a lesson that can make us stronger in our life. But in GOD's amazing time you will know the TRUTH  behind those things. 

And we must remember always, GOD LOVED US more than our FAITH can imagine... 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time

Christmas is time for giving and sharing and most of all it's the birthday of our dear Savior Jesus Christ. Well, this Christmas I am much happier compared to other Christmas had been past, even there are things lately really bothered me but I stayed on the positive side of it. December 24, sad to say we still have work since it wasn't declared a special holiday, and I don't have choice rather  to join  some of the Christmas rush shoppers, well as usual, bongga ang haba sa pila ng cashier..haha.. But I enjoyed when I came home when I give my gifts to my Mama, Tatay, Sister and my bother in law, and of course to my makulit na pamangkin and Ina anak though medyo namulugi ako doon but I enjoyed it..haha.. And of course I cooked food for them on that day also. But despite all the enjoyment that we have we must not forget the true essence of this day...its the birthday of PAPA JESUS...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

When Boiling water reaches to its limit

Most of the times, I always been patient to everybody but sometimes there are people whom pushes me to my boiling point. I don't know why there are some people don't know where to stand in others' life, just this morning when I got so mad  towards someone, I don't want to mentions name, I just hate idea that I've been in the second choice again, again...I hate those flirting chats...grrrrrr...I hate those kaartehan chuva...hate it...hate it....hate it...grrr. I just hate those insensitive and irresponsible actions in which in the first place they can hurt someone...grrr...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bohol Escapade - the cleanest place I've ever seen

Last week, finally I've been to BOHOL I was greatly amazed the beauty of the place, it was the cleanest city I've ever seen so far in my whole life from their streets down to their river. It was a short tour actually, 2 days and 1 night  only but I truly enjoy that tour. We came at the place last December 10, 2011, it was Saturday, together with my friend tin, on that same day we start our tour, first we visit the Blood Compact, napa wow ako sa place kasi it was an overlooking sa kanilang dagat na sobrang linis, from their we also visit the Baclayon  Church, first time nakakita ng ganoon kalaki na church so luma na siya pero maganda tingnan, it was well-preserved. Then we pass the Python Cage, wherein we can see a 3 big snakes, as in BIG..haha. I tried to touch one of them but I was a bit afraid when the snakes suddenly move..haha..but at least I still have the courage to take some pictures from them..haha..After the scary scary chuva chuva with those snakes we had our lunch in LOBOC River, na sobrang linis, it was a great cruise I've experience so far,haha, kasi waley na iba,haha.. After taking the our lunch at the loboc river we finally reach the Chocolate Hills, it was really beautiful especially when you are at the top, wherein you can truly see the beauty of chocolate hills. We also pass their Man-made Forest, such a great feeling makikita mo ang ntatayogang puno so ganda tingnan, after there we visit also the Tasier place sa wakas nakakita din ako ng tarsier kahit hindi ko masyado makita kasi malayo siya at bawal hawakan at ma stress sila...hehe. It was great weekend and I truly enjoy it.. 

I want to share some pictures we have taken from the beautiful scenery of BOHOL

                                                      @ the Blood Compact
                                                  the shining shimmering sea nila...
                                                      At the Baclayon Church
                                                       At the Python Cage
                                                 @ LOBOC river

                                                             @ CHOCOLATE HILLS
                                                       @ tarsier Conservation area
                                             @hanging bridge naa si bangis..haha