Monday, May 16, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Haizzzz… As I much as I can I’m trying to understand why those things happened in my life. Lies are the caused why my life is miserable right now. Why the good relationship I have been nurtured for a long time was failed. He’s been asking for a chance but everytime I think the situation that we had it’s really hard to make a decision, maybe because the fear was still there or the pain is too novel. I’ve already forgiven him to all the lies he told me, hatreds are faded already but even how I tried to go back the way we used to be but still I can’t. Letting him go it’s not an easy he is not only a boyfried to me but he’s also a confidant. He was the person who was there the time in my life when everything seems to be falling. He gived the strength while I was walking on the darkest time in my life, he used to be my light. That’s the reason I still want to build the friendship with him again. I don’t want to lose the respect I have for him because he has done so much in my life. I know in God’s hand everything will be alright. And I'm still wishing that we still have a happy ending.

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