Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holyweek trip with my family..

The hanging bridge..hehe..

It's holy week again its time to repent from the wrong things that we've done through the year. We have 2 days vacation from work and I enjoyed it spending with my family. My sister decided that we go to the Sky Island Resort which located at Gaas Balamban, at first I was hesistant to go to the place my question is "What I'm gonna do to a deserted place?". But my mother forced me to go with them or else I will be left alone in our home and for sure that will be so boring. As we reach our destinatiom I was greatly amazed by the place, it was so beautiful everywhere you turn your head you can see mountains and a lot of trees. Beside from that a lot people were also there maybe to spend their vacation too. Great entertainments who like adventure were present like a zipline, a cable car, a very long slide and hanging brigde. First we cross the hanging bridge that I thought im gonna die when I was already at the center since I have a fear on heights…haha..but im glad that I make it to the other end of bridge that im suddenly become proud of my self…hahaha. Then we stroll the place it was really beautiful my cousins decided to take a ride on the zipline but  I decided to a big no, no, maybe this time I really gonna die,haha… But in the Cable Car I don't have any choice than to ride it with my nephews co's its gonna a big shame on me..hahaha. It was a death defying ride in my side because I have fear on heights but everytime I look on my nephews oh my god they're having fun..haha... I want to post some pics of the place it was really great...

The Cable Car..

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