Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song to heaven

As I stand in this valley solitariness
Watching the sun going down to the west
A sham smile sheer in my lips
While my tears slowly goes down
Co’s I remember the time when I was still with you

I was so happy back then
You’re the reason in every laughter comes
You cast every smile that sheer in my face
You stir my life with happiness
You inspired me somehow with your life
And lead me to continue my fight
You spur me not to cede with my dreams

But time comes you have to go
And I left behind
As I watched you walking away from me
Tears flows as it never ceased
Pain sheds into the core of thy soul

Days had passed since the day you’ve gone
But the pain of missing you
Still banging my soul
Everyday, I embraced the pain
I defied every loneliness eluded my world

Until the day comes
That I felt the pain slowly blown away
And all the happy memories
When i was still with you
sated all the pains within
And i whisper my song to heaven
That someday if our way will cross again
I hope you can still remember me
        ………..even as your old friend…

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