Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rustles of New Years Eve

Lights are shimmering roughly
Peoples around seems to be happy
Some of them were singing
...and some were dancin'
Beers and liquors were flowing

I was standing in the corner
...catching the moments
Holding a glass of wine
Enduring the emotions assaying to burst within
Trying to have fun with the people besiege me

Moments had passed
But seems everyone still had fun
I deplume myself from them
I turn my head and stray my eyes around
To ascertain the beauty of the place

It was New Years Eve
The cold breeze of wind embraces my whole being
I was daze the gleaming city
...miles away from me
In haste the memories fall in
The man whom I care so much
Happy memories rush in
And how I miss him every now and then
A smile sheer in my lips
But tears flow

Co’s while I was staring
...the city miles away from me
Realization recoil me
That you're too far from me now
Solitariness eloped thyself
As I deign in this boulevard of broken promise

--one year had been passed since I wrote this poem specially for someone and that someone right now is been a good friend of mine...

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