Thursday, May 5, 2011

hmmmmm..Happy New Year..

For the first time this christmas I ask something for myself…hehehe..mostly man gud i dont have wished every christmas maybe because i dont believe that it will happen..hehehe..but this time i dont know..hehe..maybe im so sad and i want to be ok.

And 2010 will be coming im just a bit excited for the new happenings that may happen in my life. And Im just really hope that everything will be fine this year and sana sana sana I will be fine..sabi nga nya I will be better in time..huhuhu..and Im really hoping but i know i will..hehehe..Last night i read something that really makes me i dont know..mixed emotions..that made me think whos the one hes been talking but i know dili to ako..sakit pa japon cya..but i know i will be fine..huhu..Everyday its hard to pretend im fine though sometimes i am but still there will times that he still crosses my mind…hmmmmmmm…its hard but slowly i tried to accept na hes meant for me..hay im sleepy..hahahah…walay kwenta i just to write cos i want to express the emotions i have..hehehe..

Happy New Year everyone..hehe

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