Thursday, May 5, 2011

Somewhere in Between

Tears were about to fall down
The time you walk into my world
You smiled at me and I felt so ashamed
You make my world so idyllic
Then, out of the blue all my troubles were gone
You name my tears into laughter’s

You are the reason in every smile
That sheer on my lips
You conveyed every happiness that linger with in
Unknowingly, you make this heart of mine to live again
Every day you put a life in every sense of me
Before I closed my eyes at night
I whispered a little prayer that it will last forever

But as the wind bristles from east to west
As the bees kissed in every flowers that blooms
And bequeathed them on their very eye
As the Barbara Streisand song “Some good things never last”
You suddenly flee in my arms

Tears cascade from my eyes
As I watched you walking away from me
I try to hold your hand and call your name
But you never turned at me
I tightly closed my eyes
And hope it was just a dream

But when I slowly opened my eyes
Hope to see you at my side
But you already gone
Tears keep on falling as it will never ceased
Twinge shatters my soul

Out of obliviousness, I ask questions
I yell and weep in the darkness
Melancholy enfold my bemused world
In silence I seek answers to myself
But you’re gone
And I’m left here somewhere in between

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