Thursday, May 5, 2011

Someday its gonna makes sense..

It's been a long time since the last time I updated my blogs not because I'm busy cos honestly I'm not..hehe..maybe because I'm just tired of my life..naks naman..hehe..or maybe because many things happened in my life and I don’t know which one of those i want to write because its not the happy one. Many things happens and many tears Ive been cried for these past months and i dont know why it happens cos its just happens.nyahaha…ang gulo naman..kasi my mind right now is very confused cos i really don’t know what to write..hahaha..last night while were having our dinner break my officemates keep on teasing on me about my new friend i just laugh with them and told them na wala iyon. cos honestly wala na ngud maybe were just having fun with each other talking nonsense things but i thank him cos kahit papano i really enjoy his company. But last night after i talk to jerry our counselor..hahaha..i really open to him what i really felt right now in my life for the past months i was really confused the real situation with someone who very dear to me. A part of me tells that just enjoy the moments while hes here but a small voice also tells me papano ka pag alis wouldn't be hurt, you wouldn’t be cry..a stupid part of me tells just cross the bridge when you get there..naks I'd like to slap myself just to wake up this stupidity. Until one night god answers my questions it was really a big bang to me parang sinampal ni lord sa akin ang sagot..parang ang sabi nya “O ayan heto na..what else you want para ma wake up ka anak”huhuhu..that night i saw the pics of someone whom I love with the another girl lang takes one night for me to cry..huhu..but probably the last tear i may cry…kasi ayoko ko na…hehe…

Honestly its really painful but what else i could do nandiyan na iyan rather to accept the fact that we are really not meant to be..I dont hate him for doing that to me cos i learn somethng from that painful experience i have..and it made me stronger..hmmmmmm..

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