Saturday, May 7, 2011

Song of my Life

Sitting here in the shell of my paradise
Staring the leaves gracefully dances
Of the song whispered by the wind
A smile sheer in my lips

Co’s, I remember your face smiling at me
I can still hear your laughter carried by the wind
I love your eyes, and the way they look at me
Cos they say the words that I really love to hear
I love the way your hands holding mine
Co’s  it  completes me
Just a thought of you brings a different song in my life

I just can’t believe that I’m in your arms now
Cos long time ago, I was all alone in my shell
Then you came to save me in my solitary world
You are the reason in every smile that sheer
                                Co’s you bring a life this once wistful heart of mine

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