Thursday, May 5, 2011

Whisper of a Lost Soul

Words are seem so hard to find
My mind was caught between bewilderment
I deny the burden clinches within
But the pain keeps tearing me within
Tears fall, as I walk in this lonely crossroads of life
Lost and no one else to hold

Regrets is all in my mind
My broken soul whispers her song to heaven
Uncertainty strikes to the very core of thy self
Diverse voices besieged in my head
Again tears fall, as I cast myself out of nowhere

Shadows of pain still banging my soul
Trying to identify the voices that whisper in my head
Again and again, tears fall
As I whisper in vanity “God which one is You”
As I grasp my way back to my sanity
Tears fall, as I back in the arms of grace..

--inspired by the song of lifehouse breathing...hehe

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