Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To my ever beloved Mama..

I don’t know what wrong with me why I suddenly miss my mom maybe because this Sunday will be the day for all moms. A thought of my Mama brings a smile in my face, she’s pretty like me, she’s very kind and very understanding. She’s the first person who will fight me till the end, the first person who will be hurt if somebody would try to hurt me. I remember how she tries to encourage me when everything around were falling down. She was there to lift me up everytime I’m about to give up. She was there everytime I cry and will cry with me also everytime I can’t smile anymore. Her love is pure and unconditional. I’m not a vocal person I don’t even say I love you to her everyday. I just hope that she can feel the love I have for her.

To My Everdearest Mama, Happy Mothers To You and I Love You.

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