Thursday, May 5, 2011

Behind all my struggles..

Its been a long time since the last time I updated this blog, just a moment ago i felt the urge to write again. Last year and this year many things happened in my life, some were good while others are not. This year I someone break my heart so badly, I came to the point that I told myself I don’t want to fall in love again but then I was wrong someone came, even how i tried to push him away because at first its too complicated and I really don’t know how to handle the situations. When you know the possibilities that you can hurt so many young hearts..hehe.. but he’s still there. He makes me so special and beautiful (kahit bola iyon..hehe..) but still it makes me smile, he opens my heart again and then he teach me to love again.hehe…thank you bei..

One week after the formal relationship I was being test by someone above after our Physical exam I was diagnosed that I have some patches in the lungs. Right there and then my world became so dim I really don’t know what to do, with all the plans in my mind but in a split of a seconds it was all vanished. At first it was really hard for me to accept my situation but I have to be strong.

I told John about it, I’m glad that he’s still stays in my side. I felt blessed because he was still there through out my medication though hes not on my side but i really felt his presence. I’m also blessed with friends because I saw the care in them the time they my know situation they became my strength through out this storms hit me. As of now, I undergo 2 months medication, i felt it so bad taking my medication, everyday the feeling of vomiting then no appetite of the foods I know I lost weights but I have to pursue this para gagaling ako for my bei, my friends and parents maybe they still need me.

The Lord above is my courage and strength to continue to fight this battle, I know he has a reason why it needs to happen, I know 1 day i can find answers Ive been looking.

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