Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music is my life..

Yesterday I was having fun strolling at ayala center cebu even though I was alone…hehe…I enjoyed watching people who are very busy in choosing the sale items from clothes down to shoes and dats includes me…hahaha. Around 7 pm in the evening I already felt a tingling sensations of tiredness around my feet…haha, so I decided to go to the terraces to rest for a while and to have drink as well, I was about to pass the entertainment area when I heard a beats of drums so I settle for a minute to look who’s performing in the stage. It was one of the local bands here in cebu, I was definetly amazed the kind of music they have, it was more on alternative rock songs which happen to be the genre of my music…hehe…maybe that’s one of the reasons why I stay there even though my feet are really tired. Aside from that the vocalist was exceptionally good but whats really catches my attention was the drummer itself because he is really good, I really love every beat came from his instrument. It feels like it brings a different emotions within me and I don’t what is it..hahaha… or maybe I want enjoy cos I know theres something wrong in me at that time..hahaha…but somehow they’re really good, I love every music they played that I didn’t notice that its already 9pm in the evening and their vocalist is already denoting that their down to their last 2 songs and I really forgot about tiredness of my feet…

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