Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a life…

From my friendster archives dated 03/21/10

Today… today… today infairness na shongi ngud akong brain with the people all over the world..hmmmmm. Just this morning while I was very sleepy while I was at work I’m thinking with this new friend which I found in one of the networking site I hang with. When I’m sleepy it’s my habit to talk and talk to divert my attention…(I short tabian ra ngud ko)haha. I talk to this appealing friend of mine about this newly found friend of mine, well he don’t have a choice then to listen to me co’s he sleepy too..hahaha. I keep on talking and talking about this new friend of mine like she’s really pretty and sexy until I didn’t noticed that I already mentioned to him the name of this gurl. I was wondering why my appealing friend keep on laughing and with matching blush…hmmmm… right there and then I know that there’s something fishy…haha…so I ask him “dong kaila ka ana na girl…”. At first he didn’t answer me he just keep on laughing but I didn’t surrender I keep on asking him then he nod it means bonggang “Yes”. I was stunned so ask him “Who’s this girl” and then he told the whole story and who’s this girl I met in the net..wink..wink…haizzzz infairness it’s like I’m taking I drink one galloon of coffee…haha…my sleepiness was suddenly and totally vanished…hahaha.

I tried to understand the situation and why it was happened I just can’t believe that some people capable of doing such thing. Well I was also half to blame co’s I easily trust to people even I know them in a short span of time. I know she have a purpose why she befriended me..hmmm..maybe to get some information from about this appealing friend of mine from me but well even a single once she cant got it from me. We respect each other privacy wechusss…haha…well I don’t have in the right position to such thing.

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