Friday, June 17, 2011

My Team, My Family

I've been working with this Project for a very long time, I don't know why I stayed this place for almost 6 years. Sometimes I ask myself why I stayed in this place for a such span of time but I cant find any answer except that maybe I enjoyed the company of my friends or I don't really a choice cos I cant find myself for another job. Six years in this project I witnessed the changes of the management from a very good workplace and then going to a worst one. I witnessed my friends going one by one, it really hurts seeing them go but I cant do anything they don't enjoy our workplace anymore. How can you enjoy if your salary doesnt compensate your works? If your superiors doesn't know your works very well, and then can demand too much more than they required. As I remember the time I came in EBSCO, it was great place to work, our superiors are very good for us. I'm talking about Sir Merrel itself. He is a selfless manager, we can do everything we want as long as we can produce and meet the quota he ask. He's a very friendly person, he can see him smiling to everyone. 2 years ago EBSCO such a good place to work, everyday I came to work very inspired but now I go to office with a burden inside...haizzzz I hope one day I can leave that place with the happy memories inside.

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