Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When was to say our Final Goodbye

Saying GOODBYE is much more painful when you know that there’s no turning back and the person is already going on. Yesterday was such a big bang to me when he’s telling me that he is inlove I thought it was some of his naughty jokes but it was true. At first I don’t know how to react the news he told me I just sit and stare on the monitor of my PC. I was really speechless and I don’t know how respond on it. With a shaking hand I replied saying that I’m happy for him but deep inside I was deeply hurt. I know it’s been a month that we decided to remain friends but his mistake is he still make me believed that he’s still love me. Through out day I felt I was really breaking but I try to be fine as much as I can, as usual a painted smile is on my face. When I told my friend Maris about it she’s telling me “owss kadali man sad” I just answer him because he’s a guy. I keep on talking to Nelson so that I can divert my attention but when Nelson left to get water. Maris mouthed me words that I almost burst in she’s saying “Dai ok raka?” I was deeply touched by her words. With a smile assured her that I’m fine though I know deep inside that I’m not. I was questioning myself why I react that way and why I was hurt then I realized that hes still hold a special feeling within me even how many times I deny it. And it was slowly comes out the time I know his story I know it was painful but I still believe that theres a reason for everything. And GOD had purpose why I had to experience another pain and I know in his time I will be fine.

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