Saturday, June 4, 2011

Realities of LOVE...

After seeing this video I suddenly felt the urge to speak about love..hehe 

Realities of Love...You give your all but sometimes it's not enough because at some point he/she can be happier with someone else. Letting go it's an easy thing specially when you see that someone you love is falling with someone else. And you just sit in one corner reminiscing the happy memories you have and  ask yourself where have you gone wrong, why all those happy memories suddenly vanished?. But that's the mystery of LOVE sometimes it will come in the most unexpected way and it will go sometimes in an unexpected time too...hehe.. As they said don't hold LOVE let it fly because it is much more sweeter if one day he come back to you after meeting all the beautiful thing in the world but despite of it he will come back because he didn't see someone as beautiful and special as you.. Hayyy chusss,,,hehe...

But I miss the feeling of being inlove...weeeeeee...haha..when I smile with no further reasons. You're just happy because of that someone....chusss...the times I tried to compose a poem for him. weee...I just miss the feeling...hehe

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