Saturday, June 18, 2011

RH Bill

Recently, RH Bill was one of the hottest issues of our country, it was debated between the church and our government officials. RH Bill confuses and divides the opinions of the people in this country, it consists the PRO-RH Bill and Anti-RH Bill. Each side has its own story why they say YES and NO on this proposed Bill. The church opposes because it was against their faith while the Pro-RH Bill stands for the betterment of the people for good. If someone would ask what is my stand in this issue probably I would say  I'm of those who would say Yes to RH-Bill. In my own opinion, what’s the essence of having a big family if you cannot send each of them to school. If you cannot feed them more than the required three times a day. If you cannot bring them to the hospital if they got sick. The church raises the issue of morality between the youth but for me isn’t an issue because it begins on the family, it depends on the parents on they raises each of their child and how they will guide them as they walk in this journey. Some raises the question “Why RH Bill needs to be a Law?”. Other says another budget will be corrupted, maybe it is but we don’t give a try. For me RH Bill will help us to be more responsible persons. I will admit it has its pros and cons but for the situations that our country were facing now its one of the many ways that maybe in the future can help us. Corruption is really an issue even before the proposed RH Bill. It is the major problem that our country was experiencing at this present time and nothing we can do about it because we people are the one putting those corrupt officials in their position. At my young age, I already saw the penury of my beloved country. I had this experience during my college days that until now I can’t really forget. I was member of a religious organization then every Christmas, one of our activities, is to have an outreach program. I was really excited of that activity since it was my first time to attend to that kind of event. The officers of our group agreed the event will be held somewhere in Tabunok. As we reach in our destination I was surprised because I don’t expect the place could that mess but I what I expect it in a slam area but young as I am and maybe I was raised in a family not really a well off but maybe in the middle class. What really surprise on that time is a big families were staying in a small place (barong2x) wherein they are trying to accommodate their self. At the age of 17, I already have questions in my mind things like: “Who’s to blame to their situations? Is it our government because they didn’t do anything to that kind of situations? Or the parents itself because they are not responsible enough in raising their family. I’m not saying that the proposed RH Bill will be the answered of the excessive poverty that my beloved country was experiencing at this very present time but maybe it could help us in the future.

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