Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Kiss of a Beautiful Angel

I was staring an Angel in front me
She was very beautiful in her white dress and a red headrest
She waives her hand at me like saying “hello there”
And then the sweet angel smiles at me lovingly
I was stunned the sweetness in her
A smile cast in my face when she giggles and winks at me

 Her smiles can make my flurry world so idyllic
Her laughter is a mellow music to my ear
Beautiful and vibrant
Her eyes are beautiful like a jasmine
Rare and innocent
Her tight hugs were always a comfort
Her warmth kiss can ease the burden within
So tender and pure
Because she’s a beautiful angel

(Specially made for inaanak jammyyy..just a thought of her makes me smile and forget all the troubles that I have...)

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