Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunset Scenery

I was standing on this place again
Watching the sun who’s about to say goodbye
His rays are red which echoed the whole place
Then I remember someone
It was quite sometime that I gaze at the sunset
Memories rush in
A smile broke in my face with those memories

Then a tiny creature sings on the branch of a tree near me
It was soothing, it touches my whole being
Then I look the sun again half of it was concealed already
But still it was very beautiful scenery
Then another tiny creature came
Then they sing as one

A smile sheer in my lips looking the two beautiful creatures
They are happy chasing each other
Then in a sudden the other creatures flown away
Then other beautiful tiny creature followed the other tiny creature
I look back again the sun it’s about to bid his final goodbye

Then I saw again the tiny beautiful creature flown going back
But the tiny beautiful creature was all alone
It stays on the branch but she didn't sing her song anymore
Tears fall as I watch the beautiful tiny creature
Then I feel the kissed of the cold breeze of wind into my skin
Then I look again the sun it’s gone already
Darkness covers the whole place
                                                    I wipe my tears and left the place again

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