Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mr. Ferrero Rocher

His been a friend to me for a very long time, he was there the time when I was so down and those moments when I cried because of stupid heartaches and now I miss him so much specially moments like this. I was staring the PC beside me remembering the happy memories that we had those corny jokes but still it can make us smile. Those quarrels happen between us but then after several days everything will turn to normal. I miss the way he smile at me and those face when he was mad at me cos I keep on texting on my boyfriend…hahaha. His facial expression and tone everytime I would say NO to overtimes every Sunday or on weekdays because I have a date…hahaha…haizzz and now I miss him so much. I remember his last day in EBSCO it was a few a months. I woke up around 9:00 in the morning on that day before I open my eyes a sudden rush of loneliness flows within me thinking that day would be the last day of my dear friend as our team leader and a friend. Tears fall as I remember the moments we had for almost 4 years, he's a friend and a mentor as well. That day I don't want report in my work cos I don't like to see him leaving but I don't a choice rather to face the fact. As I enter in our area a smile is already painted in my face as I look directly to him saying "oi choi last day man diay ron nimo sa" but deep inside I was crushed with loneliness seeing him fixing his things in his table cos it means one thing he's really leaving. He didn't say a word to me instead he flushes he's sweetest smile at me, I am afraid that I can't control myself not to cry in front of him so I pretended that I'm cleaning my PC. But in silence my tears fall I keep on pretending that I am busy though I didn't do anything in my PC. A minute pass he asked me in his usual tone  "Dai busy ka?", I directly smile at him and said "Dili dong y man?", I tried to be calm cos the emotions that I have was very strong and I'm afraid that my voice might croaked. And then he told me nothing I just want to talk to him at that time but I can't stop my tears falling in front of him. In a teary eyed I told him "Dong ma miss taka" then answer "me too Dai", when I looked at him he also pretended that he busy in his PC but I saw the tears in his eyes. On that day all I want is to hug him co's I know I gonna miss this mentor and a friend as well.

As people say change is the constant thing in this world in order for us to grow as individual and also to satisfy ourselves on things we want to achieve in our life. But saying goodbye to a good friend still the hardest thing for me…hehe. But miles really don't matter cos until now our friendship never ends we still manage to communicate each other in a many ways but everytime I see his table I can still remember him sitting on that table smiling at me and that makes me sad. And if loneliness hits me it makes me realise that I really miss Mr. Ferrero Rocher..hahaha.. I call Mr. Ferrero Rocher simply because he used to give me that chocolate and when I became allure on the taste of that chocolate sometimes I make etchuss to him para tagaan ko niya...hahaha

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