Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Kiss of a Beautiful Angel

I was staring an Angel in front me
She was very beautiful in her white dress and a red headrest
She waives her hand at me like saying “hello there”
And then the sweet angel smiles at me lovingly
I was stunned the sweetness in her
A smile cast in my face when she giggles and winks at me

 Her smiles can make my flurry world so idyllic
Her laughter is a mellow music to my ear
Beautiful and vibrant
Her eyes are beautiful like a jasmine
Rare and innocent
Her tight hugs were always a comfort
Her warmth kiss can ease the burden within
So tender and pure
Because she’s a beautiful angel

(Specially made for inaanak jammyyy..just a thought of her makes me smile and forget all the troubles that I have...)

A Beautiful dream

I heard music of yesterday. I open my eyes so slowly. Searching you at my side
...but only cold pillows were on my side. Smile cast on my face.

You sleep next to me
I was staring at you while you were peacefully sleepin'
And I wish that this moment will last forever
I want to be next to you for the next years
You open your eyes and smile at me
I saw the fire of love in your eyes

I caress your face and kissed you
And whisper that I’ll be yours forever
Again you smile at me and close your eyes
For a long moment I watch you sleep

You open your eyes and smile at me
You hugged and kissed me
A smile sheer in my lips
I filled with happiness
I hugged you back
and peacefully I slept at your side

I heard music of yesterday
I open my eyes so slowly
Searching you at my side
...but only cold pillows were on my side
Smile cast on my face
While tears slowly cascades to the very core of thyself
Coz I realized that beautiful things happens
Are just a another very beautiful dream of mine

Saturday, June 18, 2011

RH Bill

Recently, RH Bill was one of the hottest issues of our country, it was debated between the church and our government officials. RH Bill confuses and divides the opinions of the people in this country, it consists the PRO-RH Bill and Anti-RH Bill. Each side has its own story why they say YES and NO on this proposed Bill. The church opposes because it was against their faith while the Pro-RH Bill stands for the betterment of the people for good. If someone would ask what is my stand in this issue probably I would say  I'm of those who would say Yes to RH-Bill. In my own opinion, what’s the essence of having a big family if you cannot send each of them to school. If you cannot feed them more than the required three times a day. If you cannot bring them to the hospital if they got sick. The church raises the issue of morality between the youth but for me isn’t an issue because it begins on the family, it depends on the parents on they raises each of their child and how they will guide them as they walk in this journey. Some raises the question “Why RH Bill needs to be a Law?”. Other says another budget will be corrupted, maybe it is but we don’t give a try. For me RH Bill will help us to be more responsible persons. I will admit it has its pros and cons but for the situations that our country were facing now its one of the many ways that maybe in the future can help us. Corruption is really an issue even before the proposed RH Bill. It is the major problem that our country was experiencing at this present time and nothing we can do about it because we people are the one putting those corrupt officials in their position. At my young age, I already saw the penury of my beloved country. I had this experience during my college days that until now I can’t really forget. I was member of a religious organization then every Christmas, one of our activities, is to have an outreach program. I was really excited of that activity since it was my first time to attend to that kind of event. The officers of our group agreed the event will be held somewhere in Tabunok. As we reach in our destination I was surprised because I don’t expect the place could that mess but I what I expect it in a slam area but young as I am and maybe I was raised in a family not really a well off but maybe in the middle class. What really surprise on that time is a big families were staying in a small place (barong2x) wherein they are trying to accommodate their self. At the age of 17, I already have questions in my mind things like: “Who’s to blame to their situations? Is it our government because they didn’t do anything to that kind of situations? Or the parents itself because they are not responsible enough in raising their family. I’m not saying that the proposed RH Bill will be the answered of the excessive poverty that my beloved country was experiencing at this very present time but maybe it could help us in the future.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your GOD will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

Transitions in life are never easy. Remember how it was when you were a youngster and moved from one grade to another, or changed neighbourhoods when your family moved? That same feeling arises as an adult when you move from one job to another, there’s a trace of nostalgia, a hint of excitement and an element of fear.

Yet in the wise providence of GOD there comes a time when you have to close the door on one phase of your life and make the passage to the next. I noticed an interesting phrase found in the book of Acts where Luke used the phrase, “Now after these things were finished,” where he tells how it was time for Paul to leave Ephesus and go to Jerusalem.

For some of you, tomorrow is a great big question mark even acknowledging it creates fear in your heart. Reach out and take the strong hand of GOD and know He can walk with you day by day through the new year.

--I just want to share this message I got from my book...

My Team, My Family

I've been working with this Project for a very long time, I don't know why I stayed this place for almost 6 years. Sometimes I ask myself why I stayed in this place for a such span of time but I cant find any answer except that maybe I enjoyed the company of my friends or I don't really a choice cos I cant find myself for another job. Six years in this project I witnessed the changes of the management from a very good workplace and then going to a worst one. I witnessed my friends going one by one, it really hurts seeing them go but I cant do anything they don't enjoy our workplace anymore. How can you enjoy if your salary doesnt compensate your works? If your superiors doesn't know your works very well, and then can demand too much more than they required. As I remember the time I came in EBSCO, it was great place to work, our superiors are very good for us. I'm talking about Sir Merrel itself. He is a selfless manager, we can do everything we want as long as we can produce and meet the quota he ask. He's a very friendly person, he can see him smiling to everyone. 2 years ago EBSCO such a good place to work, everyday I came to work very inspired but now I go to office with a burden inside...haizzzz I hope one day I can leave that place with the happy memories inside.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Realities of LOVE...

After seeing this video I suddenly felt the urge to speak about love..hehe 

Realities of Love...You give your all but sometimes it's not enough because at some point he/she can be happier with someone else. Letting go it's an easy thing specially when you see that someone you love is falling with someone else. And you just sit in one corner reminiscing the happy memories you have and  ask yourself where have you gone wrong, why all those happy memories suddenly vanished?. But that's the mystery of LOVE sometimes it will come in the most unexpected way and it will go sometimes in an unexpected time too...hehe.. As they said don't hold LOVE let it fly because it is much more sweeter if one day he come back to you after meeting all the beautiful thing in the world but despite of it he will come back because he didn't see someone as beautiful and special as you.. Hayyy chusss,,,hehe...

But I miss the feeling of being inlove...weeeeeee...haha..when I smile with no further reasons. You're just happy because of that someone....chusss...the times I tried to compose a poem for him. weee...I just miss the feeling...hehe

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sunset Scenery

I was standing on this place again
Watching the sun who’s about to say goodbye
His rays are red which echoed the whole place
Then I remember someone
It was quite sometime that I gaze at the sunset
Memories rush in
A smile broke in my face with those memories

Then a tiny creature sings on the branch of a tree near me
It was soothing, it touches my whole being
Then I look the sun again half of it was concealed already
But still it was very beautiful scenery
Then another tiny creature came
Then they sing as one

A smile sheer in my lips looking the two beautiful creatures
They are happy chasing each other
Then in a sudden the other creatures flown away
Then other beautiful tiny creature followed the other tiny creature
I look back again the sun it’s about to bid his final goodbye

Then I saw again the tiny beautiful creature flown going back
But the tiny beautiful creature was all alone
It stays on the branch but she didn't sing her song anymore
Tears fall as I watch the beautiful tiny creature
Then I feel the kissed of the cold breeze of wind into my skin
Then I look again the sun it’s gone already
Darkness covers the whole place
                                                    I wipe my tears and left the place again

The beautiful sunset

He persuade me out from my shell of solitariness. He makes this heart of mine to live again. He felled all the fears I have with his love. His voice inflame every sense of me.

I watched the sun goes down
I feel the cool breeze of the wind embraces me
A smile sheer in my lips
Wonderin' how happy I am now
And how could someone
... conveyed such happiness in me

Things blazes in my mind
How it was started
A smile cast in my face
Everytime I remember how it was began
It was a single text, one morning I woke up
A simple teased from that someone

Time soar so fast
I was became allure of that someone
He brought smiles in my wistful life
He persuade me out from my shell of solitariness
He makes this heart of mine to live again
He felled all the fears I have with his love
His voice inflame every sense of me

As I gaze the sun again
A smile shed in my lips
It looks like the sun smiles at me
I feel the cool breeze of wind kissed my skin
Then the face of someone I loved
…cast on the beautiful sunset…

When was to say our Final Goodbye

Saying GOODBYE is much more painful when you know that there’s no turning back and the person is already going on. Yesterday was such a big bang to me when he’s telling me that he is inlove I thought it was some of his naughty jokes but it was true. At first I don’t know how to react the news he told me I just sit and stare on the monitor of my PC. I was really speechless and I don’t know how respond on it. With a shaking hand I replied saying that I’m happy for him but deep inside I was deeply hurt. I know it’s been a month that we decided to remain friends but his mistake is he still make me believed that he’s still love me. Through out day I felt I was really breaking but I try to be fine as much as I can, as usual a painted smile is on my face. When I told my friend Maris about it she’s telling me “owss kadali man sad” I just answer him because he’s a guy. I keep on talking to Nelson so that I can divert my attention but when Nelson left to get water. Maris mouthed me words that I almost burst in she’s saying “Dai ok raka?” I was deeply touched by her words. With a smile assured her that I’m fine though I know deep inside that I’m not. I was questioning myself why I react that way and why I was hurt then I realized that hes still hold a special feeling within me even how many times I deny it. And it was slowly comes out the time I know his story I know it was painful but I still believe that theres a reason for everything. And GOD had purpose why I had to experience another pain and I know in his time I will be fine.

Mr. Ferrero Rocher

His been a friend to me for a very long time, he was there the time when I was so down and those moments when I cried because of stupid heartaches and now I miss him so much specially moments like this. I was staring the PC beside me remembering the happy memories that we had those corny jokes but still it can make us smile. Those quarrels happen between us but then after several days everything will turn to normal. I miss the way he smile at me and those face when he was mad at me cos I keep on texting on my boyfriend…hahaha. His facial expression and tone everytime I would say NO to overtimes every Sunday or on weekdays because I have a date…hahaha…haizzz and now I miss him so much. I remember his last day in EBSCO it was a few a months. I woke up around 9:00 in the morning on that day before I open my eyes a sudden rush of loneliness flows within me thinking that day would be the last day of my dear friend as our team leader and a friend. Tears fall as I remember the moments we had for almost 4 years, he's a friend and a mentor as well. That day I don't want report in my work cos I don't like to see him leaving but I don't a choice rather to face the fact. As I enter in our area a smile is already painted in my face as I look directly to him saying "oi choi last day man diay ron nimo sa" but deep inside I was crushed with loneliness seeing him fixing his things in his table cos it means one thing he's really leaving. He didn't say a word to me instead he flushes he's sweetest smile at me, I am afraid that I can't control myself not to cry in front of him so I pretended that I'm cleaning my PC. But in silence my tears fall I keep on pretending that I am busy though I didn't do anything in my PC. A minute pass he asked me in his usual tone  "Dai busy ka?", I directly smile at him and said "Dili dong y man?", I tried to be calm cos the emotions that I have was very strong and I'm afraid that my voice might croaked. And then he told me nothing I just want to talk to him at that time but I can't stop my tears falling in front of him. In a teary eyed I told him "Dong ma miss taka" then answer "me too Dai", when I looked at him he also pretended that he busy in his PC but I saw the tears in his eyes. On that day all I want is to hug him co's I know I gonna miss this mentor and a friend as well.

As people say change is the constant thing in this world in order for us to grow as individual and also to satisfy ourselves on things we want to achieve in our life. But saying goodbye to a good friend still the hardest thing for me…hehe. But miles really don't matter cos until now our friendship never ends we still manage to communicate each other in a many ways but everytime I see his table I can still remember him sitting on that table smiling at me and that makes me sad. And if loneliness hits me it makes me realise that I really miss Mr. Ferrero Rocher..hahaha.. I call Mr. Ferrero Rocher simply because he used to give me that chocolate and when I became allure on the taste of that chocolate sometimes I make etchuss to him para tagaan ko niya...hahaha

What a life…

From my friendster archives dated 03/21/10

Today… today… today infairness na shongi ngud akong brain with the people all over the world..hmmmmm. Just this morning while I was very sleepy while I was at work I’m thinking with this new friend which I found in one of the networking site I hang with. When I’m sleepy it’s my habit to talk and talk to divert my attention…(I short tabian ra ngud ko)haha. I talk to this appealing friend of mine about this newly found friend of mine, well he don’t have a choice then to listen to me co’s he sleepy too..hahaha. I keep on talking and talking about this new friend of mine like she’s really pretty and sexy until I didn’t noticed that I already mentioned to him the name of this gurl. I was wondering why my appealing friend keep on laughing and with matching blush…hmmmm… right there and then I know that there’s something fishy…haha…so I ask him “dong kaila ka ana na girl…”. At first he didn’t answer me he just keep on laughing but I didn’t surrender I keep on asking him then he nod it means bonggang “Yes”. I was stunned so ask him “Who’s this girl” and then he told the whole story and who’s this girl I met in the net..wink..wink…haizzzz infairness it’s like I’m taking I drink one galloon of coffee…haha…my sleepiness was suddenly and totally vanished…hahaha.

I tried to understand the situation and why it was happened I just can’t believe that some people capable of doing such thing. Well I was also half to blame co’s I easily trust to people even I know them in a short span of time. I know she have a purpose why she befriended me..hmmm..maybe to get some information from about this appealing friend of mine from me but well even a single once she cant got it from me. We respect each other privacy wechusss…haha…well I don’t have in the right position to such thing.