Sunday, July 3, 2011

I love You sometimes means a harsh thing

The word I Love You can bring a different happiness to anyone can hear this especially if it comes from the important person in your life. But sometimes it can hurt badly specially if someone would say that to you but you know it’s not meant for you. Haissttt.. I just hate the feeling I have now I know I’m not in the good mood. I was mad really mad towards someone..why? simply because he’s just love hurting me.grrrr. I will admit that he’s still affect me but I know someday I will be alright just like any other painful experience in my life, one day it will pass. It’s like the song the song:

And know I’m 
So confused 
My heart’s bruised 
Was I ever loved by you? 
Out of reach, so far 
I never had your heart 
Out of reach, couldn’t see 
We were never met to be 
Out of reach, so far, 
You never gave your heart 
In my reach, I can see 
There’s a life out there for me 

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