Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the d R e A m - that leads me to reality

I’m a bit worried right now, just this afternoon, I was dreaming my closest cousin, he was my best friend since my elementary days and until now though we rarely see other. As I remember, on my dreams he was hugging and telling me “I really miss you”, I hug him back and ask him “What’s wrong?” He was about to tell me he’s problem but I suddenly woke up because of a very loud thunder. I don’t know what’s the meaning of that dream I’m just wondering why I had that of dream. After that dream I suddenly felt that I really miss him so much. I’m texting him but I didn’t received any reply maybe because aw nadash napod to load…haha…gaan chance minyo na baya and load it’s not a priority anymore…haha… Everytime I remember the old days, the happy memories that we had (mga chuvaness and eklabush)..hahha.. I just can’t help not to smile especially the first time he’s telling me that his girlfriend was pregnant. He face at that time, as I remember is like he was carrying the world…hahaha… And I just remember at that time I just cant help not to laugh though a bit sad because he’s gonna take different path, a new chapter in his life and I know things were not be same. Weeee…I really miss him so much it’s been too long that we haven’t talk and see other and I just hope that he is really fine and his family as well. 

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