Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A selfless man

Last Saturday is the opening of the Pilipinas Got Talent season 3; this show will package the talent of every Pilipino. May lives had been change because of this show, many people was inspired in every life story shared in every contestant. Then last Saturday, one contestant really makes me cry, they were brothers from davao. His younger got a cancer in the bone at age of 19 and it’s already in the stage 4 so the doctors don’t have a choice than to cut his legs in order the cancer would not spread out in the other parts of the body. But sad to say the cancer is already affecting the other parts of the body it includes the kidney, liver and lungs so the doctor gives him a 1 month to live. What really touches me is his older brother at that time he has a girlfriend. He’s been asking GOD na sana sila na magkatuluyan noong girl because he loves her too much but looking at the situation of younger brother in a sudden ngbago ang hiling niya. He’s prayer is “Lord kahit di mo na ibigay sa akin ang mahal ko, buhayin mo lang ang kapatid ko” then it was a really miracle kasi 1 month na binigay ng doctor ay hindi ngyari. Isang kapatid na mapag bigay at sobrang mahal ang nakakabatang kapatid niya…hes indeed a selfless man. I just hope to all sisters and brothers out there sana tuluran natin siya…hehe

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