Monday, July 25, 2011

The time I meet the my inspiration...Ms. Sonia Francesca...

Such a great feeling when you finally meet the person who inspires and make you smile through her writing. I was really fan of Tagalog novels since my high school days that inspire me to write also my own stories. I was on my college days when I become more particular on authors, first I love the works of Ms. Gilda Olvidado, her stories was really good, theres is kilig and lessons. Then my classmates hmm I forgot the name..hehe…introduces me the works of Ms. Martha Cecelia, the time I read it I can’t over to read and read all over again. Her stories are really different. I don’t know how I can describe it, from the characters that play on her on books basta nakakashonga ng brain ang sobrang kilig.hahaha... May mga time na ako mismo fall inlove with the boys in her stories..haha..weeeeee…specially the Kristine series…well I have completed this series…at hindi ako ngsasawa to read it all over again..hehe…all the characters in her stories ay boyfriend ko…oh diba ambisyosa…ahaha.. Until such time I had experience the real love..haha..and real heartaches…haha… Then I was looking a different story something that can make me smile because at that I was really chuvaness and eklabush…haha... Right there and then I met the works of Ms. Sonia Francesca…weeee…summary pa lang..natatawa na ako. Right then I pick up 3 novels from her works at it never disappoint me everytime I read her books I always forgot the heartaches that I have..haha.. One time binato ako ng mother ko ng pillow kasi daw tawa ako tawa…haha.. Then I didn’t notice that also become an addict in her story as well as the works of Ms. Sofia (who is also a great writer nakakatawa din ang story and full of kilig..) and the boys as well na nandoon.haha… To make the story short I had collected all the series na siya ang author..hehe.. Then last Friday dated July 22, 2011 (may specific date talaga..ahaha), I’m really really happy at last I finally met her..hehe…mas naging masaya akez the time I tell her may name…OMG…nakilala niya ako…kaso nga lang sobrang shyness na feel ako at that time as in to the highest level…haha…hindi ko tuloy siya nakausap ng mabuti….hahaha… But I’m really really happy cos I meet her.

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