Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Collections of Love Quotes..

My collections of Love Quotes from the different websites this is not my own compositions I just love collecting just any other woman do...weeeeeeee

A heartbreak is always a blessing from God, it may be the worst nightmare that keeps you crying in the middle of the night, but it’s just God’s way of letting you realize that He saved you from the wrong one...

It’s better to wound yourself for the better rather than be continuously wounded by the one you thought was the best.

Don’t hold too long to what is never meant. Sometimes, we need to set things free before it hurts us badly.

Waiting is the most important thing that I can do for the one I love but it proved me one thing, as it goes, it can also change my  mind.

Letting go is like getting a tooth pulled out. You are relieved but how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was? Probably a hundred times a day. Just because it wasn't hurting you doesn't mean you don't notice it. It leaves a gap and sometimes you see yourself missing it terribly. It's going to take a while, but eventually you'll learn to live it. Should you have kept the tooth? No, because it's better not to have tooth than to have an aching tooth.

We let go of someone so special even if we tried to stop it, we just couldn't. Yes, it sucks, especially when we know we've given what we can but things still went wrong. Especially when we thought that everything was REAL, all things END, all things STOP and all things FADE, including a love we prayed to last forever.

How hard is it to love someone who doesn't even care? Like this, its like you're hugging a cactus. You know its alive but it wouldn't give you any reactions nor reply and the tighter you hug it, the greater the pain that you feel.

I always wish to be a shadow so no one can see me crying when I'm in pain. All they can see is a blank reflections having no feeling of everything.

In love, you have to expect absence at some point. But that does not mean that an end. All you have to do is to wait for a time, and give the person a space. Because true love is proved when a person has seen the best people in the world, but still turns back to where you are, reaches for your hand, and chooses you above the world’s best.

Sometimes you just want to quit when things start hurting you. You want to leave everything as it is before the pain gets worse… But once you remember how much you have prayed, how much you really wanted it, and why you were fighting in the first place, hope comes back into your heart and maybe, just maybe, it is worth going this far…

You will not find someone better, when you put in mind that you already let go of the best...

Don’t be scared that you won’t find anyone else who will love you because you will, when the time is right. Give yourself the chance to be happy and if it means letting go of something seemingly good. Changes can be hard at the start, but it doesn’t mean that if things change, it will always be for the worst. 

If a person is single, it doesn’t mean that he/she knows nothing about love. In fact, going solo is a lot wiser than being in a wrong relationship.

Relationships are like glass, Sometimes its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

True love never surrenders. It might get tired but a little rest is enough to love again even better because true love would never complain. It would always find ways to understand pain.

Sometimes two people decide to be just friends even if they still love each other and I often wonder why?  I suppose its not the love that’s hard to sustain but the commitment that complicates everything.

We can’t make people love us forever. All we can do is show them who we are and what we feel and it’s up to them to realize our worth.

“Allow yourself to have time to be lazy and unproductive. Rest isn’t a luxury but a necessity.” – juan tamad

In love you can make mistakes but the biggest mistake you could ever do is to give up someone you love & say: “its for the best so I’ll stop hurting myself.”

“I never regret loving a wrong person in the past, at least that person was lucky enough to experience the kind of love that I could give. Too bad that person wasted it.”

Sometimes, you have to stop loving the most important person in your life in order for you to act as normal as possible especially when you are hurt or if you have other commitments in life. But such commitments need an inspiration with someone you loved in order for you to do the required task given.

Once trust is betrayed, it’s impossible to restore it completely. As one man said: “I have forgiven the thief who stole something from me. But I must admit that when he visits me, I always keep an eye on my silver spoons.” Remember: “Some things will never be the same again.”

I have realized that people learn to lie at some point, because not everyone deserves to know the truth.

“Boys are like onions, they add taste and spice in a girl’s life but just like onions, they make girls cry, too.”

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