Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When You are Tired and Discouraged

When You are Tired and Discouraged

Have you ever had one of those days when you were dead tired and discouraged? Do you want to whip the blues the next time you feel this way?

During these times of discouragement, remember the prophet Elijah. His life shows us that even spiritual giants can get tired and discouraged.

Elijah’s life shows that there is a definite relationship between physical, the spiritual, and the emotional. When Elijah became tired and discouraged, he forgot how God had met his needs in the past, how God sent ravens to feed him at Cherith and How God sent him to Zarepath, where he miraculously brought the window’s son back to life.

Do not despair when you are tired and discouraged. We all feel that way at times. David found an answer for such times: “Wait on the LORD: be of good courage and shall strengthen thine hear: Wait, I say, on the LORD” (Psalm 27:14)

My own great experience in my life that made me realized how I blessed I am. And how My GOD loves me.

There is always a point in our life when we thought that everything was just perfect picture but in a blink of an eye you will just notice that everything was falling down. You just sit in one corner thinking what have gone wrong. Why all the beautiful things suddenly vanished? Then frustration and discouragement comes especially when a storms strike in your life and you think if there’s an end of everything. Last year such a big year to me, I thought everything was fall into its right place; everything was already in a plan. Maybe I just I forgot that my almighty GOD has plan for me too. It was July of the same year that our company doctor informs me that I have some spot in my lung. The moment I know my situation I suddenly became tired and so hopeless of everything. I ask God why me of the people I’ve been living in a healthy life ever since. As they said when it rains, it pours and it’s working on both ways, on that same year I was financially unstable my mind was so confused where I can get the money to finance my medication. I just forgot that GOD was there, GOD really provides. I realized so many things maybe it is MY GOD ways to wake up from a deep sleep. It made me realized that MY GOD will never leave me in times of troubles. He was just there waiting for us to call his name again and his ready to lend to his hand to guide us in the journey we walk everyday. I was amazed in HIS grace and in how HE provides me everyday with money matters to sustain my medication. After all the hardship through out my medication I was blessed because I was healed. I appreciate more Life and how beautiful it is. All we have to do is trust his way though it wasn’t easy but we must learn to wait because in his amazing time everything will fall in the right place. GLORY God in the Highest…

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