Monday, April 9, 2012

Something New


It’s been a while since the last time I wrote something here not because I’m busy but lately laziness strikes me down its core…haha. So many beautiful things happened these past months but my lazy mind and hands are not always in the mood to write something…damn lazinessssss go away from me…haha. Month of March, I did something new for myself I’ve been planning to this for so long, putting a color to my hair…haha. Yes, definitely I do have the courage to do it, well thanks to my bestfriend for pushing me through, well she’s always been my stylish…haha. Maybe, it’s been a year or two that I always dreamt to put color into my hair but the fear is always there because of my brown complexion…haha. Inferiority is always been my enemy since from the very start…haha. I am afraid if the color would not be suitable to my complexion. But before deciding what color to buy much better if you would ask first to the person which is an expert into this field. Well, I just did the right thing since I don’t any have any regrets on the suggested color since it was good to me…chusss…haha. March is also the birthday of my ever dearest bestfriend, 2nd week is the exact date of her birthday. 4th of week February, I’ve been thinking already what gift to give, I was thinking for a material things but I just realized for a long time that we know each other maybe I give already those things in my mind. So, I shift into things which are not expensive but the value is there, so I came up doing a video clips. I gather some of her pictures from her adventures with her friends and of course pictures of her beloved angel from day she was born until the present. Doing the thing it’s not easy as a 1, 2, 3 churva since that was the first time I did a video clips. I tried it not only once but many times, sometimes my patience was not enough in downloading softwares from Power Director down to MP3 Cutter but the burning part was really hard to me since I’m not familiar with the NERO software but thanks to some tutorials in the Youtube I finally made it…haha. And it never disappoints me I made my bestfriend cry not with sadness but with happiness though it’s not that beautiful but maybe good…haha.

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