Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Lost of a Love one

                   Once IN awhile RIGHT in the middle of an ordinary LIFE love gives us a fairy tale

Last Thursday, I received a text from my older sister telling me that my Uncle was passed away already. After reading the message my Uncle's face suddenly flashed in I remember him when he pass in our house he would always greet me or anyone he could pass by. He was the husband of my Aunt, the sister of my father. He was a handsome man as I remember; he has an aristocrat nose, nice eyes, a man color and tall. Saturday afternoon, after my work I had to go home to attend the wake of my uncle. The time I enter their house I felt something in my back maybe he was there. I came closer to his coffin to see him; he was peacefully at rest after all the years he was fighting for his sickness. Then I saw my auntie not so far away from me she was smiling talking to my relatives but I can see the sadness in her eyes. A moment pass I approach her to give respect and then she told me my uncle is leaving her. I was speechless co's I really don't know what to say I just smile at her and give a hug. Sunday afternoon is the burial schedule of my uncle, around 12: 15 noon were already at the house of my auntie and some of my relatives. When the coffin is about to close I saw how my aunt cries. It was soul shattering when you witness one person cries down to its last tear when the one they love leave them. But no one can blame them they've been together with that person for so long and then in a sudden he's going to leave her for good.

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