Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lady in Red Dress

She was pretty in her red dress
A smile delineates into her beautiful face
Yes, she was smiling but her soul was bereaved
Then she stares at me
I saw the sadness bosoms her thysoul
She smiles but her eyes cries with pain

Then she sits to the nearest
She raised her eyes into the happy crowd
She smiles but her soul shatters
She gazed into the abyss of oblivion's
She was smiling but I saw the tears periled to fall

Then a beautiful girl came to her handed with a white tulips
She gave it to the lady in red
She flashes her sweetest smile while holding the tulips
Then a guy came next to the beautiful girl
She cries while he embraces her love
Then the two souls meet
Their face sated with happiness
Their eyes glows with love

Tears filled in my eyes
Before I walk away from that place
I take glimpse the two souls
Satiated and enamored with love
I take my steps
A smile cast on my lips
Tears fall as I left behind
The beautiful fairy tale bechanced a while ago

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