Monday, April 23, 2012

Exploring Boljoon-Oslob Cebu

Last week, Me and my friends was exploring the beauty of the Southern part of Cebu. Our first stop is the Cebu FortMed Club beach of Boljoon, it was a 3 hours drive from the proper city of Cebu. It was really far and the dizziness storm strikes me...haha...but when we reach the place it was not the luxurious than I expect. The beach is not that beautiful, I expect a place with a white sand and wide seashore...hehe..though it has a clear water but beware of sharp rocks cos my feet was cut a bit...hehe...After Boljoon we venture the place Oslob wherein you can found the whale watching but we don't go the place because it's too expensive but rather we go the Tumalog Falls on that same place also. The road going to the falls it's that not easy since it's too slippery but the walk is worth the wait the time we reach the place. The falls  was really beautiful, it was a hidden beauty beneath those rocks and long trees, untouched by a man's hand..haha..the water falls like curtain and it's very cold and I hope they will preserve the beauty of that place... I want share some of our photos..

                                                       at FORTMED Boljoon, Cebu
                                                             at Tumalog Falls, Oslob Cebu
                                                         @FortMed Boljoon Cebu
                                                        @ Tumalog Falls Oslob Cebu

                                               the road going to Tumalog Falls, 

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