Monday, April 23, 2012

Hayyyy..Christmas...Christmas na pud..

12/23/2010 from friendster blog

Five days more to go then it’s Christmas time and I don’t know where I gonna spend it because this time I don’t want to celebrate my Christmas alone. Because probably this is one of the saddest Christmas I may have…haizzztt
Last week I meet the person who teach me to love again and the person who broke my heart again..hehehe…(winks…winks…one of the ironies of love…chuss). I don’t know what’s in me why I decide to meet him; maybe I want to test myself if he still can affect me. Or I obviously I still love him that still I can’t say no to him well…wink..wink..GUGMA..haha.. The time I see him, he is smiling at me at one corner right there and then I realized I still love him. As usual strolling at the mall and watching movies same routine we had everytime we had a date…hehehe… At dinner time he’s telling me that he’s leaving Cebu for good suddenly I was speechless. I was staring at him memorizing every angle in his face. Sadness embraces my whole being thinking the chance that this will be the last time I gonna see the person whom I care so much. I was convincing myself that I gonna be alright in time that one day I gonna forget this person but still its really hard. Haizzz take care always my DADDY…always remember you’re always a part of me.
And last week also I just felt so bad bec. of one person whom I don’t know why he has a very sewer mind (‘isa kang lech sa buhay ko…grrr). I don’t know why you hate me that much when I didn’t do anything to him…grrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Since I decide to meet mike that day mao wala ko mo OT wala sad ko pansina sa akong Choi for 3 days.haha…haizzz that week such a bad week for me..hahaha
While I was writing as this moment I was listening the song of Lifehouse hay its really good nakakawala ng stress..and again I escape the trouble in my mind…lol.. It’s like I’ve been in other dimension where everything seems really goood…wala ko ga drugs ana lang ngud ang effect nako sa mga Alternative ROck…I just really hope that i gonna be happy this christmas.

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