Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When You Feel Beaten Up by Circumstances

The lord is good. When trouble comes, he is the place to go! And he knows everyone who trusts in Him!

What do you do when you feel beaten up by the circumstances of life? Sit at home and feel sorry for yourself? If you have a relationship with the Father through his Son, remind yourself of the following truths:

1.)  You are God's child. When you feel beaten up by circumstances, remind yourself that feelings of worthlessness don't come from God.

2.) God never promised to exempt you from trouble, but to be with you in times of trouble, but to be with you in times of trouble.

3.) Nothing is forever. Instead of thinking of your situation as fatal, think  of it as an opportunity to explore new areas of possibility and regroup.

4.) Do your part. God does for us what we can't do ourselves. But if you lost your job, for example, He most probably wont motivate someone to call you and beg you to go work for him.

It is the connection with your Father in heaven that keeps you from getting beaten up by the circumstances of life.

Another chapter from the book of Harold J. Sala, this book is my guide for my daily living and always inspires me everytime I felt so down and sorry for myself cos it always remind me that God loves me. And I know He always embrace me in times of trouble.

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