Monday, May 21, 2012

The Last Embrace

It was summer night
I can smell the fragrance of the night
I was standing at the corner of the bridge
A smile draws in my lips
While I stray the beauty before me

I hear a voice calling my name
Far beyond my realm
I turn my head
I saw you in the other corner
Wearing a smile that can melt a heart of stone

Happiness conceal thyself
Words are hard to find while staring at you
I smile cast on my face
You make steps towards me
While I was being nabbed to where I stand

We laughed together under the moonlight
While the stars shimmers its sweetest gleams
We talk and chased like the old times
The night songs its coldest melodies to us
 Then those hazel eyes were intently looking at me
I just smile back then
Those eyes and smiles draws a part of me
You stray your eyes to the beauty beneath us
The night become old for the both of us

Then you hug me so tight
I found peace in those arms
I directly looked in those hazel eyes
And whisper words of tenderness

I’m looking at you while you walk in to other way
You turn head and wave your hand at me
A smile slues in my lips
And walk into the other way
Hope grows inside
One day our road will cross again

** I made this poem for my ever dearest friend, whom I miss so much I don't know what happen why you suddenly change.  I don't know if I've done wrong with you but everytime I think of you it always makes me cry cos I miss you so much, the happy times that we had...I'm so sorry if done wrong with you.... F. R...

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