Friday, June 1, 2012

Not all good things last..

While I was walking I feel the numbness, I only have 3 hours slept I guess, my tears keep falling every now and then. I know it was birthday but I don't feel any happiness, all I know I was so sad. I've been in that project for almost 7 years and I saw friends go one by one and the're are some stay and I'm one of those. And then in a sudden it was going down and we have to go in separate lives. I felt the future is uncertain, fears and worries strikes me I know I'm not the only one who felt this. I was thinking what happen next, I'm back to zero haunting for another job. Darn, I thought I'm not gonna do this but here I am..haissst... but this is life sometimes we are on top and sometimes you're on the other side. And yesterday was my birthday I was surprised some of my college friends still remembers that it was my birthday and I'm really glad. And of course there's someone who makes my day not so darn sad...hehe..I don't expect anything but still he makes way to make me smile and I'm really glad despite everything happens to me on that day. Thanks to him...hehe

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