Monday, June 25, 2012

Every Now and then...

"Every now and then, you still cross on my mind...I don't why..but sometimes I was thinking, then I ever cross your mind even once in a while"

It's been a week since I go back to work again, I am supposed to be happy but honestly I am not because it's not the same place I work before, literally it is but the people we used to bond it's not the same.  Few heads were left in the office, the situation that we had is so sad to think, but we can't do nothing about this. Some of my friends was assigned to another departments though we can still see each other every now and then...haissstt... But this morning I was so tense, I shout out something in my FB account, actually that phrase didn't refer to anyone,haha... I was reading one of my unfinished stories then that word catch my attention thatswhy I post it in my FB account. I was really surprised when someone in my past also commented on that post. I don't know if he was really teasing me or anything, he claiming that he was that person but slightly true...nyhahaha... But I can't figure out why he was doing that thing, we are really good friends and he's happily married with someone else, we still talk every one and then. He was the usual mike I know a bit conceited and if you know him in person, definitely he's not that kind of person but rather that's one of his sense of

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