Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ghost in the Past..

Lately, I've been thinking a topic  to write but everytime I am in the front of my laptop I can't think of anything  I got suddenly immobilized but the funny thing is when I am in the middle of my work different topics will come in my mind..haha...  But yesterday while I was working I was also listening a afternoon program of Papa Joe, the Papa Jack of Cebu, he also give advises about love and anything. Then there was one caller who has a problem on love then after he give his advises to that certain caller Papa Joe plays song about lost love at same time teasing to the listeners like "oi naka remember siya or oi ng regret siya then oi nihilak na siya...haha" I was really laughing til my heart content. But I realized something in my situation am I ready to fall inlove again at same time to be hurt again...haha... It's been several months  I've been single and still counting...hahaha.. I was noting myself, am I really ready or the fear was still there?. Thus, this is it the first time I've been in this berth, for several times I stumbled in the agony of love...chusss...haha...Sometimes, I came to the point that I told myself that I don't want to fall inlove again but one thing I realized the more I fall down with love, the time I will go up the more I became more stronger...haha..chusss.. maybe I will just wait the time come that there is someone who come and can efface this fear...chuss

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