Wednesday, July 18, 2012

storm strikes

Lord God sorry for those times that I have questioned your way, sorry for those time I became busy with other things and we forgot about you...

These words catches my attention during the mass this afternoon. I felt so guilty. It strikes and eloped my soul. I closed my eyes and reflect those words. It made me cry cos I know I have done this thing not only once but many times. Sometimes, I forgot that things happen for a reason, it can give us a lesson and it can make us stronger.  But human being as we are, we are subject to our weakness, we can easily lure in our sadness, we always think the negative side of our story, iniisip natin if kaya if  this going to stop. But we never think the positive side of that story and the lesson that we might learn. Pero minsan we never think the sorrows we experienced were the cause of our own actions. God sometimes uses the most painful weapon to wake up us from our deep sleep because He don't want us to be away from HIM. He test us in so many ways, He let people come and go in our life, in some point they can make us smile, they can filled the emptiness that we had but the irony of it, these persons also can hurt us too much. Papa Jack once said "Ang buhay daw ang isang mahabang biyahi, madaming sasakay, marami kang makilala at ma meet pero minsan hindi mo napansin, nakababa na pala ang iba". I have meet different people in my life with different genras, some were young and some were mature enough that they can influenced me with many good things in life. 

But today just a minute ago I've been so happy, why? because, because my ever dearest friend of mine whom I miss too much make pansin over me...haha.. It's been few months since we have a cold war. I don't know what I have done why he suddenly changed, pero naisip ko sa tagal ng pinagsamahan I can say kilala ko na siya ng slight..haha.. I ask him but I got no reply so hinayaan ko na siya cos I know deep inside  I didnt do anything, and I know also one day everything will be fine, even before we have times na di kami ngpapansinan but we let the burdens pass until such time na maging ok na. I just hope na everything will be back to normal just like before...hmmm I miss him much...hehe

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