Monday, July 30, 2012


He was a child the time I met him. They used to be our neighbor. He was 7 years old while I am 10, his mother always told me to take good care of him. As time goes by, I saw the little boy grown up and transform into a handsome teenager boy. I know a lot girls go crazy over this little boy whom I treat always as my younger brother. Time flew so fast and my elementary days were over and I have to leave him. As I remember he was teary eyed during my graduation day while he was telling me that I'm gonna leave him. I just smile at him at that time and told him "you're old enough to take care of yourself". Then high school days come, crushes and everything came over...haha. But at that time I was serious with my studies though my crush naman ako but they are not my priorities..haha. I was in 3rd year level when this little boy came over into our school. I saw how those girls got crushed on this little boy I know pero gwapo na...haha. We still managed to say hi to each other, sometimes he asked questions about my crush and everything pero tinatawanan ko lang siya, sabi ko ano ka ba bata ka pa kahit a lot of girls go crazy over your handsome face. Then my high school days is over and then again we have to say goodbye's to each other and I know I'm gonna miss this handsome boy I used to take good care of. College days come and I need to transfer to city since malayo ang amin. I became busy with my studies and I rarely go home though I still have news about this little boy I used to know, instead na mag-aral siya he need to work because of financial problem of his family. Sometimes we still see each other and talk and I always tease him how many girls made him cry...hahaha.. and same thing with him he always ask me if I have boyfriend. I always tell him that having a relationship is not my priority, he always laughed on this thing. The college days is over, I became busy with my work and years passed I forgot already this handsome little boy. Isang hindi magandang ngyari na ngmeet kami ulit and talk, it was the burial of my lola. He approached and ask me if I'm ok, I smile at him and said "yeah". And then we talk everything since matagal din kaming di nag-usap. He suddenly ask me, "What age daw ako mg aasawa". I smile at him and said maybe at the age of 27 since I was still on my 24 and he was in his 21. Nabigla ako ng sinabi niya na hihintayin kita, natawa ko sabay sabi ikaw loko2x ka talaga noh isali mo pa ako, he was just stare at me and smile and the conversation ends there. And I think it was last year we meet again. I was at SM looking for a foam I guess forgot ko na what Ive been looking at that time. When someone called my name when I looked back it was the handsome boy, he was one of sales rep at SM. He approached me and ask if I married already. I said "NO" and tease him about the girl he got pregnant. He smile and said "Oo nga eh, I can't fulfill my promise to marry you", I burst into laughter sabi ko serious ka doon. Then he answered me ikaw lang naman hindi seryoso sa akin...napa owww lang ako...haha.. wala kasi ako maisip at that time co's for me he was just a handsome little boy I used to treat as my younger brother. 

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