Sunday, May 13, 2012

sweet memories turns a hard one

Sometimes, we thought that we already forget the past, the sweet memories that you shared that can caused  inevitable pain, it's been a while and you choose to be friends but everytime you talk you can't avoid to bring the back the past. And the pain will always been reinvigorated, sometimes I ask myself  why after all his lies and he done to me why he's still have the guts to tell me those things. I heard once Papa Jack said "being a friend someone from your past is a big torture" and I don't agree that cos I've done that already but this time I really have a hard time doing my thing. Sometimes, I want to cry until my last tear cos maybe after that I can say I am fine. I always told myself GOD has reasons why those things happen in my life. Why I need to experience this kind of pain and maybe one day i will know the reasons.

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