Friday, March 16, 2012

Whimper of Yesterday

It was a beautiful night
The Moon and Stars glistens over me
Halcyon succumb thyself
Songs of crickets started to elope
In a sudden loneliness flows

Emotions burst within, it stripes
Teary-eyed, I whimper in the abyss of the night
Every piece of me still misses you
Your hands over mine, your eyes, your hair
Your smiles traces every part of me
Regrets abjure its domicile

It’s been a while,
But it feels it was just happened yesterday
You’ve kissed my soul not my lips
You hold my hand like nobody else
You mean every happiness within

But time filch you away from me
Tears flows, cold breeze clinches thou
I tried to evade in reminiscing the past
But sometimes the past,
     …always finds its home within me

::::This poem was inspired by the Song of Richard Reynoso Paminsan-misan....

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