Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012...

It was December 31, few hours to wait then 2012 is coming, I was texting with my friends with greetings of Happy New Year. I received a text from someone from my past, it was a greeting of appreciation I replied since were friends after our breakup he’s name is Mike…hahaha.. Then we talked how he is since matagal tagal na din na di ngkausap and I appreciated he’s tattoo since maganda naman I saw it from one of his pictures in Facebook. He told me that he’s tattoo is one of his wants na sa wakas nakamtan na din niya and he don’t know ano pa daw magawa niya for the coming year. I told him think something spectacular and can make him happy then he told me na he’s getting married for the coming year and he’s life well gonna change from then. Sabi ko na lang yeah it will but for the better naman, natawa ako actually since minahal at iniyakan ko ang taong ito dati at di ako pumasok ng SM for 3 months…hahaha… and then ngayon nakausap ko siya sa bagay na ganyan. Well, it was 2 years ago since from our break up and I already forgot the pain. And enjoyed my New Years so much, ang daming ngyari at may isang hiling ako na binigay ni God before the year ends and I’m so thankful despite of everything. And 2012 is a brand new start and I had to forget all the bad things happen in 2011 and I’m hoping for the best for 2012. Me and my whole family enjoyed watching the fireworks display sa mga neighbourhood naming na mga rich..haha…such a good feeling actually watching those light in the sky with different colors it can brought a different feeling. And let’s hope for a better year.

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