Monday, January 23, 2012

Shadow of the Past

She saw the boldness of darkness ahead of her
She walks all alone and grope in the lameness of it
She was hesitant, questions falls “If she will ensue through the darkness?”
Her knees shake when she felt the coldness embraces her
She yelled and wept but no one heard her
She hug her herself and take a grip of strength from it

She makes a step into the boldness
She heard songs from the past
Memories falls in, tears cascades
She stop and take a look into the darkness
But one to see
Her soul shattered as the song of yesterday continues to play
Tears fall as it never ceased
She felt weak as she listen the scream inside her
She take another step as confuses collides thyself

She cried her song to heaven
She wanted to run and run to see the light
But she was caught between bewilderment of the past
But the darkness started to asphyxiate her senses
She wanted the light
She run and run to see the light

She can feel already the tingling numbness of her legs
But still the dawn seems so far
She continued to run while tears cascades

A smile sheer in her lovely face
     …when she saw light not so far away from her
She continued to run with as smile in her face
But she suddenly stop, she felt weak
Her heart beats so fast
She’s afraid what she might see after the light
She hugged herself and yelled
She take a step inch by inch

With a broken smile she walk into the light
Then, she saw the most beautiful things she could ever see
She smile while tears flows into its core
She takes a look once again into the darkness
 Then, the song in the past once played
She wiped her tears and smile
Before she succumb into the light.

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