Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thank You

I thank the day, I met you
For you were a dream came true
Thank you for the beautiful friendship
You've been shared
You're a jasmine to me so beautiful and special
Your kindness and understanding
so pure and true
And for you're gentle love you gave in so free

Thank you for holding me tightly
When I was grasping in the dark
And for the time
That I need to cry..

Thank you for chasing away my loneliness
For being at my side
When I need someone to care
And for wiping away my tears

Thank you, for always smiling
When I could not smile at all
Thank you, for putting back the confidence
The times that I felt so small

I thank GOD the days you were with me
For the happiness you give
So simple yet so pure
I will cherished the friendship
And forever in my heart...

-Specially made for my bestfriend anne...hehe

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