Friday, January 20, 2012

My short journey..

Sometimes, I want to believe his words but it's too complicated for now, he told me so many stories and I don't know which of those were true, but until now he didn't proved to me that my speculations were wrong. Is it simply because I was right all along? You present to me something to contradict of what I have in mind but sad to say it didn’t convince me, simply because it is clearly edited. I have said already my piece I’m not mad at him anymore because honestly, I have forgiven him already. But sad to say I can’t accept him of what he is…Yes, may paghinayang ako sa relationship na binitiwan ko because I nurture that relationship for so long, I fight for that relationship with my friends, I go against their way, I walk alone with that decision  because I am happy with it. But why in the end it simply failed in a blink of an eye, it’s not an easy decision but I have to do it maybe because this is the right thing to do at this moment. Lies, is it? The reason why some relationship failed and it includes mine, it excuses no one. I don’t know why some people are capable of doing terrible lies. I am hurt? yes I am....Hay ka cute ni Coco Martin..haha…biglang shift…haha, kapagod naman kasi mg isip why theycan do such thing…haha…

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