Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Te echo de menos mi Ferrero Rocher

14 days more to go and its Happy Hearts Day to everyone, well the month of February reminds me of someone, a friend who is very dear to me. Actually, it’s not a good memories at all because he decided to leave us…haha…chosss… I used to call him Mr. Ferrero Rocher, simply because he liked giving me that brand chocolate and I love the taste so much. A thought of him makes me smile, how sometimes I blackmailed him for a pack of that chocolate…haha, and I miss him so much. I miss everything, from our kulitan, kwentuhan and tukusuhan. I miss his voice his smile, his voice tone and facial expression everytime I said NO to OT’s because I had a date…haha…HE was the person who can make me smile everytime when I’m in trouble and recently I miss him so much. I miss the person who will always said to me “Dai why are you crying?, he just a guy don’t cry because I am more handsome compared to that guy”..haha…which is true..proven and tested…haha… He was the person who can always make me smile everyday. I miss the pinch of the cheek and arms sabay sabi I miss you dai though we see each everyday since sometimes we also have quarrels and no pansinan at all…haha… and when everything will be fine he will pinch my cheek or arms…wahhh I miss that gesture… I miss him because recently I can’t smile…but the happy memories that we had was tattooed in a special part of me.

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